Influencer Marketing has taken the digital advertising world by a storm. With 84% marketers judging Influencer marketing to be effective and 67% planning to increase their budget this year, we can expect great things for the future of this still relatively new channel. This infographic reveals some of the fascinating statistics behind the growth.

At VAMP we’ve been part of the rise of Influencer Marketing since its conception around two years ago and have seen how the opportunities have developed for Influencers and marketers alike in this space. With many brands like ASOS, Uniqlo and Pottery Barn now working with us on their ongoing Influencer campaigns we predict to see more brands taking up a long-term, sophisticated  marketing strategy in this channel, rather than as a flash-in-the-pan.

Influencer Marketing - Aaron Brooks

It goes to show what a powerful advertising channel Influencer marketing is becoming and brands who are ahead of the curve are already diverting more spend towards it.

Aaron Brooks

Co-Founder, VAMP

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