VAMP recently worked with Country Road on a campaign to showcase their new knitwear range. Here we feature their favourite shots of the campaign and the reasoning behind why they were or weren’t selected for re-gram and featured in eDM.

How did Country Road make the most out of their VAMP campaign?

They selected 2x VAMP pieces of content to feature in an eDM. The result? The eDM with VAMP featured content was their highest performing of the week. It goes to show how much Influencer produced content, especially when its of the high calibre of VAMP Influencers, drives higher levels of engagement than brand produced content.

Country Road
Country Road

Country Road re-grams of VAMP Content

Country Road chose VAMP content to re-gram based off a variety of criteria including those which were really high quality, but also made the product the hero so it was more easily identifiable by their audience. These are four of the VAMP shots chosen for re-gram on the @countryroad Instagram channel.

Sunday perfection in the form of a cosy cable knit via @lola_jagger #countryroadstyle

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With Monday done, it's time for the comfiest of knits as seen on @nrahmichelle #countryroadstyle

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Forever timeless: monochromatic styling via @mypetitedilemma #countryroadstyle

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Why was this image one of Country Road’s favourites but not their first choice for a re-gram on @countryroad?

Country Road

Country Road chose VAMP Influencers who would pair the CR products with premium brands and showcase the knitwear in their own unique style. Alvina’s photo (above) is the epitome of luxury and individuality – they adored her unique styling of the products in a vintage look and recognised that this was so authentic to her personal Instagram feed.

It’s also worth mentioning that Alvina’s shot achieved a 7.7% engagement rate – that’s almost double the average engagement rate for an Influencer in her follower bracket (Check out stats infographic here). She certainly knows what her audience love. It’s this know-how of an Influencer’s niche audience that brands buy into. That’s why we always give our Influencers full creative reigns over their content.

It wasn’t an image that Country Road chose to re-gram or include in their eDM because visually it isn’t immediately clear which are Country Road products and which aren’t. The beauty of working with a collective of Influencers rather than just a handful, however, is that you get a real variety of imagery that is authentic to the Influencer’s channel which a variety of audiences engage with, rather than one style of image which could be produced in a brand photoshoot.


Vamp connects brands with influencers and content creators who are passionate about their products for authentic product placement in social media.

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